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best resume writing services

There are approximately 5,000 monthly searches for phrases such as ” best resume writing services ” You will find local and national options, as well as expert resume writers in many fields. While perusing the ads, you may see hundreds of shady-looking companies and freelancers providing resume writing services. Since your resume may get you in the door and help you obtain the perfect job, it is essential to choose a service that produces results.

Our team of career professionals analysed more than 200 resume services for job-seekers in the United States and Canada in order to remove the element of chance from the selection process. This article examines our top recommendations and provides an overview of each resume service. This essay concludes with some helpful tips on how to determine whether or not other service evaluations are genuine.

Considerations while employing a professional resume service

Consider the following aspects while hiring a best resume writing services :

Find out the turnaround time

Some organisations require a week, a month, or even longer to offer their services. This is because their resumes are typically edited by multiple pros in order for them to provide great work. For instance, they may assign someone the responsibility of formatting and someone else the task of grammar. Frequently, these writing services put quality over speed. If your application deadline is approaching, you must strongly consider a service with a 24-hour turnaround time.

Knowledge of the writing process

You must check that a company’s writing process fulfils your requirements. Some writing businesses, for instance, need clients to complete extensive questionnaires, while others prefer to meet with clients in person. Before creating a resume, some providers solely engage with clients via email, telephone, and worksheets. Consultations via phone or e-mail, as well as in-person meetings, are useful writing methods that can help a writing service determine how to demonstrate a client’s qualifications to an employer. When employing a professional writing service, it is also essential to inquire about how they will modify your current resume. Some employers prefer that you update all areas of your CV simultaneously, while others ask you to submit requests for modifications.

Read opinions

Reviews are essential for determining whether the services of a professional writing firm are satisfactory. Conduct research and read the company’s online customer reviews. You can also discover about their services through third-party review websites. This can assist you in identifying the best professional resume writing services. When reading evaluations, you may also examine whether the company’s website has a phone number or live chat. Typically, this indicates that the organisation is willing to hear your problems.

Check examine samples of resumes

On their websites, the majority of professional writing firms provide numerous examples of resume assessments.
Frequently, these sample resume reviews serve as evidence that the organisation delivered the results its client desired. Check the sample resume’s format, grammar, and page layout before you submit your application. You can also evaluate the company’s writing style to see whether it employs current or conventional resumes. This might help you evaluate its degree of competence and determine whether its services are appropriate.

Evaluate its credentials and certifications

A resume writing service may hold a number of professional accreditations. It is imperative that you determine whether a resume service is a certified member of a writing group. You can determine if the company is reputable.
These writing organisations often provide resume writers training and certification. Additionally, you can determine whether the organisation employs certified professional resume writers. Certified resume writers have substantial resume writing knowledge and experience.

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The Professional Resume Strategist

is a standard qualification for resume writers in Canada. This accreditation increases their professional credibility and visibility. This allows you to select a professional writing agency to generate an amazing resume.

Check for honours and distinctions

Award-winning professional writing services often demonstrate excellence in the resume writing sector.
If the service you’re considering has been nominated for or has won multiple writing awards, you can rest assured that you’re working with a premier resume writing service. Features in prominent magazines with a large readership might also indicate that a resume writing service is reliable.

Determine your budget

Cost is an important consideration when hiring a professional writing service because it affects the quality of their work. The price frequently relies on the location, writing experience, and certification of the company. Pricing may also be affected by your level of experience. If you are changing careers, you may pay more than an entry-level candidate or fresh graduate. The majority of professional writing firms charge between $200 and $1,000 for entry-level and mid-career resumes, and between $2,200 and $3,000 for executive and managerial resumes. To receive great assistance, you must invest your money in a reputable writing company.

Utilize services with expertise in your industry

Several professional writing services may provide clients with broad resumes, but it is crucial that you select a firm with expertise in your field. For instance, a doctor’s resume and a system analyst’s resume are distinct. A resume for a position with a nonprofit organisation may differ from one for a private corporation. Certifications that are unique to your industry can make you a more competitive job candidate. This may also help companies prioritise your resume above that of other candidates. Employing a resume writing service with experience in your field will assist you in effectively summarising your work history and outlining your skills.

The Dangers of Using Inexpensive Resume Writing Services

We’re confident in suggesting the affordable resume writing services listed above since they have a fantastic procedure, skilled authors, and management/leadership with the essential knowledge to provide the finest resume possible. However, if you conduct sufficient web research, you can discover even cheaper professional resume writers – sometimes for $50 or less. While it may be tempting to pay for a new resume for less than the cost of a dinner out, we do not encourage it.

The issue is that these resume services cannot devote much time or effort to your application if you pay so little.
(Since these are businesses, they must be attempting to generate a profit, right?) Therefore, the resume service will perform the bare minimum, and their resume writers are likely paid very little (and may be lacking the qualifications and knowledge to deliver good work). They may lack the expertise to write a resume that gets past application tracking systems and provides hiring managers with the information they truly seek. (Especially if they have never recruited or employed anyone).

So, while you may save between $50 and $100, your updated resume will not land you interviews, defeating the objective. After obtaining a new position, you will earn thousands of dollars. When you pay a professional to create your CV, you should consider it an investment, not a waste of money. You should pay for a resume (and potentially a cover letter) because it will help you get a better job or advance in your profession. The purpose of investing in a professional CV is to succeed in your job search and land your dream position. You should not sabotage that in order to save $50. Thus, you may be confident that they will assist you succeed in your job hunt or discover your dream job, as opposed to simply collecting your money. Therefore, keep your objective in mind, utilise the aforementioned recommendations, and select the ideal resume writer for your job level, position, and budget!

Best Resume Writing Services of 2022

1. ZipJob

ZipJob homepage. Text reads "resumes that get you hired: achieve more with a resume that displays your strengths, works with recruiting software, and earns you interviews" and picture shows a woman with curly hair and an orange shirt talking to a bearded man in a suit with a cup of coffee between them.
ZipJob homepage. Text reads “resumes that get you hired: achieve more with a resume that demonstrates your strengths, is compatible with recruiting software, and earns you interviews” and picture depicts a woman with curly hair and an orange shirt conversing with a bearded man in a suit while a cup of coffee sits between them.

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn ProFinder

The majority of users seek for jobs and career-related information on LinkedIn. Many, however, are unaware that LinkedIn Services (previously LinkedIn ProFinder) provides interviewing, career coaching, and resume writing services.

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3. TopResume

Best Resume Writers: TopResume.

This list would not be complete without the inclusion of TopResume. Technically, TopResume is one of our direct competitors; yet, any list of the finest resume writing services would be incomplete (and potentially deceptive) without include them. Their writers provide excellent work, as indicated by their Trustpilot ratings, and the company is worthy of inclusion on this list.

4. The Muse

Best Resume Writers: The Muse.

The Muse offers a unique approach to resume assistance.The Muse offers a resume review coaching service that incorporates a resume update in lieu of a text-based discussion. Depending on the purchased coaching service, you have 30, 45, or 60 minutes for a video chat or phone contact with your professional coach.

5. Monster

Best Resume Writers Monster Bannev2

Monster is largely an online employment board, but it also offers resume writing services.
As with many of these resume firms, there are tiers of service that include cover letters and LinkedIn profiles as optional extras.

6. CareerPerfect

CareerPerfect job winning resume writing services homepage
CareerPerfect is an online resume writing business that also offers services for cover letters, interviews, job searches, and career planning. It provides resume writing services in the following four categories: student and entry-level, professional and mid-career, executive, and federal and military. Since its founding more than three decades ago, CareerPerfect has provided numerous job seekers with counselling and career services.

7. Capstone Resume Services

Best Resume Writers: Capstone Resume Services.

Capstone Resumes provides numerous specialist resume services, including Federal and Executive Level resumes.
Amy Giles, who has been writing resumes since 2003, founded the company.
Capstone Resumes was once known as Gies Career Services, but has now shifted its focus to resume writing.

8. iHireFinance

iHireFinance Resume Writing Services

iHireFinance is a specialised employment board that focuses on open, screened positions in the financial industry.
Their resume services interact seamlessly with their job board. Because it was designed exclusively for finance experts, iHireFinance is an excellent solution for budget analysts, equity traders, tax managers, and other finance professionals. The writers are educated, accredited, and trained in contemporary resume writing, particularly for the banking industry.

9. LiveCareer

Best Resume Writers: LiveCareer.

LiveCareer began in 2004 as a career assessment site and subsequently included a resume generator and resume writing service. It is one of the largest resume builders available, having created over 10 million resumes for individuals in 180 countries.

10. Thumbtack

Best Resume Writers: Thumbtack.

Thumbtack is yet another resource for locating persons who provide resume services. Consider it a virtual bulletin board. You can use the website to look for resume writers and filter results depending on your travel choices, industry of interest, and service requirements. Thumbtack is not involved in the payment process, thus you will need to arrange payment choices with your writer.


If you’ve read the information presented thus far, you are now aware of our recommendations for affordable professional resume writers, high-end/executive resume writers, and everything else (plus some tips for determining the best resume writer for your specific situation). A professionally written CV can be an excellent investment in your career and help you find a better job in less time. Just be sure to check the aforementioned information so that you select the appropriate resume service for your situation.

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