Everything About Xresolver: Features, Alternatives & Usage in 2023

Everything About Xresolver: Features, Alternatives & Usage in 2023

The xResolver database and website have become well-known for all the wrong reasons. We take into account its attributes and applicability to your circumstances. You’re probably looking for information about xResolver already since you’re starting to feel a bit nervous. The online database has been the subject of controversy about hackers, gamers, and internet privacy and security. That shouldn’t scare you off, though; instead, read on and take a deep breath. In this sector, information about is powerful. It is best to start by going over the general goal of xResolver before diving into its particular features. This is where the real story of begins. Video game culture has long exuded an aura of toxicity or elitism among some subcultures.

Providing entertainment was the primary goal of video games. But when internet gaming developed to the point that player rivalry was feasible, some people went too far. Even though nobody likes to lose, how we handle that emotion is crucial on xResolver Xbox. The main goals of xResolver—retaliation, antisocial conduct, and the avoidance of cyberbullying—are a result of this turning point.

Explain Xresolver

A program called XResolver serves as an IP resolver to safeguard gamers when they engage in online gaming. On Xbox One or PSN, users can view the IP address of any Gamertag. This data may be used for many different things, such as detecting fraudsters, blocking DDoS assaults, and protecting sensitive information. IP addresses are resolved by XResolver using several techniques, such as gathering information from open sources, querying Xbox Live servers, and making use of third-party APIs. The accuracy of XResolver’s results depends on several factors, such as Xbox Live’s cooperation and the availability of publicly available data.

Because it may be used exploitatively, XResolver is a controversial program. XResolver does not collect any personally identifying information from its users, which is important to know. The IP address of the Gamertag that sent the query is the only information that XResolver keeps track of. All things considered, XResolver is a powerful tool that hobbyists may use to protect themselves from online attacks. However, it’s important to use XResolver responsibly and be aware of the risks involved.

How does one use xResolver?

A service or database called xResolver makes information about the relationship between players’ IP addresses and their gamertags and online identities available to the general public. Since the instructions for blacklisting an IP address on Xbox are available to the public through a website that is open to the public, the distribution of such rules does not violate any laws. One of the main issues with xResolver 1.0 is that it is unlikely that someone using a PC, PS4, or Xbox One is genuinely asking for the IP address linked to a certain profile. Who would be interested in your IP address or the xResolver blacklist link, if not your friends? an intruder.

Through the usage of xResolver, interested parties can obtain private information that links a person’s online identity to their actual internet connection. You are now vulnerable to a variety of assaults by the xReslover user, including distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks. Imagine yourself in a fictitious League of Legends encounter where you thrash an opponent handily. The gambler becomes enraged and seeks revenge. They may go to, enter your PSN ID or gamertag, and get your IP address before purposefully throttling your connection.

How does Xresolver function?

  • Online fans may protect their personal information and online privacy from cyber attacks using Xresolver services, a network security solution. By entering the user’s username or Gamertag, Xresolver is an IP resolver tool that allows users to look up the IP address of any PC, Xbox, or PlayStation player.
  • DDoS (distributed denial of service) assaults are a common kind of cyberattack in the gaming community that may be avoided with Xresolver’s help. A DDoS attack can interfere with a game by flooding the network with traffic, which can lead to latency or disconnections from the session.
  • Furthermore, Xresolver protects individuals while they play online games by allowing them to blacklist themselves from their database, which prevents other users from finding and targeting their IP addresses. To improve the security of the gaming community, Xresolver is a cybersecurity solution tailored for gamers that offers a trustworthy and intuitive IP search feature.
  • Utilizing a database containing over 20 million records, Octosniff—a well-liked IP extraction tool among gamers—provides the operating system for Xresolver.
  • Octosniff may attend their events or activities to gather the IP addresses of other participants. Xresolver then uses these IP addresses to find the players’ usernames and Gamertags. By using the internet protocol tracking tool Xresolver, users may increase the security of their gaming networks and play the game more.

How does Xresolver function?

What benefits come with using Xresolver?

An IP resolver program called XResolver provides internet users with a lot of benefits. These benefits include:

  • XResolver can help you defend your online gaming account from DDoS assaults and other online threats. By identifying your enemies’ IP address, you may take precautionary steps against malicious traffic that is aimed at you.
  • Additionally, XResolver can strengthen the security of your gaming network as a network security solution. Through the process of tracking IP addresses, you may identify potential security threats and take appropriate action by keeping an eye on who connects to your network.
  • Gamers’ safety in the community: XResolver can help create a safe gaming environment. You can aid in the detection and eventual capture of scammers and other malicious individuals by disclosing player IP addresses.
  • If you would like help protecting your data, XResolver can provide you with the IP addresses of internet users who have contacted you. This information can be used to recognize and stop phishing and spam efforts.
  • XResolver makes it possible to keep an eye on the IP addresses of gamers who are harassing themselves or their friends. With this information, you may report them to the relevant authorities.
  • What features does Xresolver offer?

    An IP resolver program called XResolver provides several services to online gamers. These qualities include:

    • Any given location can have its geographic coordinates determined via XResolver.
    • The player’s nation, area, and city are included in their PlayStation or Xbox gamertag. This information could be useful when trying to find adultery or make an arrest related to cyberbullying.
    • Moreover, XResolver can log the IP addresses of people you come across while engaging in online activities. This information might be used to detect fraudulent activity or to stop DDoS assaults.
    • Gamertag Resolver and PSN username: Since XResolver supports both Xbox and PSN usernames, it may be used to find users’ IP addresses on either platform.
    • Personal IP Address Blacklisting: XResolver allows you to conceal your IP address so that it cannot be resolved by the program. By doing this, you can help protect your privacy and stop DDoS assaults.
    • With the help of XResolver, you can protect your online gaming account from fraud and DDoS assaults, among other online risks.
    • A network security tool called XResolver may help you make your gaming network even more secure by providing you with detailed information about the gamers you encounter online.
    • Internet protocol tracking: XResolver may trace the IP addresses of players you encounter online to look into deception or identify annoying players.
    • Increasing community safety while gaming: XResolver can help increase community safety when gaming by providing users with detailed information on the people they come across online.
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If xResolver has you listed, how do I proceed?

Any user can check if the xResolver website already has information about the IP address associated with that account by providing a Gamertag or PSN ID. The homepage states that as of right now, almost 25 million accounts have been “resolved”. Being listed in the xResolver database does not have to be a disastrous outcome, even though it is not ideal. As previously said, someone’s mere presence does not always indicate that they aim to harm you. It simply means that you engaged in virtual gaming with a dishonest person who stole and then revealed your personal information.

Some websites, like xResolver, say they will “blacklist” your information if you use their paid services. Although an individual website may choose to remove this data from their database, this does not guarantee that their rivals will follow suit. In the future, you should change your IP address to protect yourself.

What is it about OctoSniff that it lacks?

xResolver, however, does not collect any of this information. Think of PS4 xResolver as an information warehouse instead of a data collection tool. Hackers are to blame for this problem; they use programs like OctoSniff especially to steal intellectual property (IP) from unwary targets. While a game is being played, OctoSniff gathers data and decodes it into information that is simple to understand. This information can show the IP address linked to a certain ID or Gamertag. The previously described data may now be submitted to xResolver and used on xResolver for PS4 in any way that is judged suitable. Moreover, it’s probably not for philanthropic purposes, as we’ve previously established.

Changing your IP address and putting security measures in place

As far as hardware and settings go, changing the IP address can only need turning on and off the router. It takes more effort to change your public IP address than your local one, therefore it involves more steps than just restarting the device in question. Disconnecting your router for a short while and seeing whether it fixes the issue might be the easiest way to fix the for PS4 issue. The free website that is offered below can be used to find one’s IP address. In the unlikely event that your data is obtained again, this approach should provide you with a fresh IP address; nevertheless, it does not provide any security against another criminal uploading your updated information to xResolver. Long-term, a VPN subscription would be more practical. VPN services not only protect your IP address from hackers and scammers, but they also make changing it easier. VPN services might be reasonably priced and offer extra benefits.

The Best Xresolver Alternatives

The following are the top Xresolver substitutes:

#1. PS4 Booter

2. PS4 Booter

With PS4 Booter, you can have people abandon the console while they’re playing games, much like Xbox Booter does as an xResolver. This is accomplished by executing a denial-of-service attack on their public IP address. To avoid getting disabled, the website further suggests that regular online players use a high-quality virtual private network (VPN).

#2. OctoSniff

1. OctoSniff

Online gamers may benefit from a variety of features offered by Octosniff, a network security solution, including IP logging, IP address search, and IP resolver. It records IP addresses, secures personal data, and determines geolocation. In addition, Octosniff offers anti-DDoS services and protection for gaming accounts. Octosniff’s ability to convert gamertags and PSN IDs to IP addresses is one of its most powerful features. This function makes it possible to trace the whereabouts of users, monitor their online activity, and prevent DDoS attacks. The IP addresses of each player in a match may be tracked thanks to Octosniff’s built-in IP logger. This information may be used to identify fraudulent activity and protect your gaming account from malicious intrusions such as xResolver.

#3. Console Sniffer

4. Console Sniffer

A further alternative to think about is Console Sniffer. It allows you to get an online player’s IP address and username without jailbreaking, much like the many Xbox IP grabbers. Similar to xResolver, this IP monitor works with all game consoles and doesn’t require any specialized hardware or software. One very useful feature of Console Sniffer is that it works with VPNs. Nevertheless, there is a $20 one-time fee to access this service. Keep in mind that it works only with Windows.

#4. Xbox Booter

3. Xbox Booter is an online portal that offers gamers a variety of services designed to protect them from internet threats. Players may find the geographic locations of their opponents using the website’s IP address search function, which might be useful in preventing DDoS attacks. Furthermore, offers an IP logger that may be used to track down the IP addresses of dishonest or abusive players. also offers PSN usernames and Gamertag resolver services in addition to IP address lookup and logging features. This means that people using the website may find other people’s IP addresses who are using an Xbox gamertag or a PSN login. Furthermore, has a blacklisting feature. By adding their IP addresses to a blacklist, users may reduce the possibility of DDoS attacks on them, similar to what happened to xResolver.

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#5. Lanc Remastered PCPS

5. Lanc Remastered PCPS

The IP resolver tool Lanc Remastered PCPS was created specifically to increase user security and safety when they play online games. Users may search for IP addresses, track IP addresses, and find geographic locations thanks to the wide range of functions it offers. This information is very helpful in preventing DDoS assaults, safeguarding private information, and upholding the integrity of the gaming community. Similar to xResolver, the program has an IP logger that allows users to keep an eye on other players’ IP addresses while they’re playing games. Moreover, IP addresses may be generated using Gamertag and PSN identities. This feature improves privacy even further by allowing users to block their IP addresses, so preventing the program from resolving them.

#6. Bootyou

6. Bootyou

According to some, Bootyou is the most powerful and reasonably priced stressor/booter currently available for gamers. Bootyou is a web application that does much more than just relieve stress. It allows Distributed Denial of application (DDoS) attacks to be transmitted at layer 4. In addition, it has features similar to xResolver, such as Skype resolvers, custom IP recorders, a pinger for domains and IP addresses, a phone lookup, a geolocation lookup, and more.

#7. Wannabe1337

7. Wannabe1337

Use this online application to find other PlayStation network users’ IDs or IP addresses. Moreover, it supports utilizing the IP address to perform a reverse lookup of the PSN identity. The IP address is obtained by using packet filters, algorithms, and DDoS defense. Wannabee1337 makes it easier to research opponents and make plans of attack. You won’t ever need to worry about malevolent people or hackers.

#8. WebResolver

8. WebResolver

Online gamers may benefit from a variety of services provided by, an IP resolution program, including IP address verification, online privacy protection, and DDoS attack avoidance. The program can monitor IP addresses, geolocate IP addresses, and add personal IP addresses to a blacklist. Furthermore, offers an IP logger that makes it possible to keep an eye on IP address activities. Supported features include Gamertag resolver and PSN username lookup. Similar to xResolver, may be an invaluable tool for internet users looking to protect their data and stop DDoS assaults. It is important to remember, too, that the program may also be used maliciously, for example, to track people’s movements or launch denial-of-service assaults.

#9. Psn Resolver

9. Psn Resolver


An integrated feature of xResolver called PSN Resolver makes it easier to translate a user’s username into a participant’s IP address and vice versa. Millions of identities are contained in the vast database that the PlayStation resolver is outfitted with, and new entries are added regularly. The platform uses AI harvesting bots in conjunction with PSN network constraints and IPv4 addresses to capture player data from the internet. With PSN Resolver, one may learn a little bit about their opponent to help them come up with a winning plan that will win the game.

#10. Psycho Coding

10. Psycho Coding

With the use of’s Xresolver services, users may find IP addresses and other information about other online users. This information may be used for many different purposes, like pinpointing a gamer’s exact location, keeping an eye on their IP address, figuring out their Gamertag resolver and PSN identity, preventing DDoS assaults, and more. Gamers may find Xresolver services to be a very helpful resource when it comes to protecting their online privacy and personal information. On the other hand, they could potentially be used for nefarious purposes like monitoring or harassment. It’s important to use Xresolver services carefully and to be aware of any potential risks.

In summary,

To sum up, XResolver is a powerful IP resolver tool that offers crucial protection for playing games online by locating the IP addresses of Gamertags linked to Xbox or PSN. Although it successfully protects against online threats and guarantees game security, there is debate around its use. In order to strike a healthy balance between protecting data and using good judgment, users must use XResolver responsibly, understand the risks it may pose, and make ethical use of its features.


1. What is the function of XResolver in the gaming community?

An IP resolver program called XResolver was created expressly to provide security for online gaming. Through the IP address of a gamertag on Xbox or PSN, users may protect private data, track out violators, and stop DDoS assaults.

2. How does XResolver resolve IP addresses?

XResolver uses a range of methods, including intercepting Xbox Live servers and mining open data sources, to identify the IP addresses linked to gamertags.

3. What factors affect how accurate XResolver’s results are?

The accuracy of XResolver’s results depends on several factors, such as Xbox Live servers’ cooperation and the availability of publicly available data.

4. Is XResolver a program that causes controversy?

XResolver is definitely a controversial piece of software because it can have both positive and negative effects. While it helps to protect players, there is a chance that its features may be abused.

5. Does XResolver gather any personally identifiable data from its users?

Customers’ personally identifying information is never collected by XResolver. The only information stored is the IP address associated with the gamertag that triggered the request.

6. How may XResolver be used responsibly?

Understanding XResolver’s possible risks and consequences is essential for responsible use. To avoid any potential misuse or unforeseen consequences, users should take caution and adhere to ethical norms when using the tool.

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