Why Destiny 2 Community Team Should Be The Industry Benchmark

There are a variety of reasons why Destiny has been a successful series while others in the genre have stumbled or failed to attain the same level of destiny 2 community popularity. Yes, there’s filming, and yes, there’s setting up the world. Yes, the seemingly never-ending content releases that appear to be intended to last a decade or Destiny 2 community Discord more.

But, at The Game Awards this year, Destiny 2 won home a very special prize: the award for Best Community Support. And, while it may not be the primary reason for the game’s success, it is a key element, and I believe Destiny’s community team should be held up as the industry’s gold standard. Of course, the announcement in the TWAB yesterday that David “DeeJ” Dague, the community team’s head, is departing Bungie after nine years triggered this story. Bungie destiny 2 3 staff and community members have shown their appreciation for DeeJ, with everyone sharing anecdotes about what a great man he is and how much he’s done for the game and community.

Award-winning Destiny 2 Community Team Qualities

So, I’d want to go through some of the things that I believe Destiny’s award-winning community staff performs well:

1. The TWAB

DeeJ used to write all of the TWABs (though he despises the term), but that responsibility has since been given to Cozmo and DMG, two additional community managers. The TWAB, a 52-times-a-year Thursday blog post that disseminates as much information as possible about the game, what’s going on, and what’s coming up, is the lifeblood of Destiny’s community interaction. TWABs can be light at times, consisting of of bug patches destiny 2 community or community video winners. Other times, they’re expansive, taking up more space than the whole number of pieces I publish in a week. I’ve never seen other games reveal so much about their game so frequently, and the TWAB has been a mainstay of Destiny’s community destiny 2 3 involvement for Destiny 2 account sharing years.

2. Reddit and Forums

On both the Bungie forums and the game’s subreddit, the community staff is quite active. They don’t just fly over with proclamations and then go; I see them there destiny 2 community at least once a week, and in some cases virtually every day, as they interact with the community, answering questions and destiny 2 3 taking in Destiny 2 recov ban criticism.

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Destiny 2

3. They Are Calm

One thing I’d never be able to do, but which the entire community crew excels at, is to take the continual whining of the Destiny community without losing their cool. Yes, Destiny destiny 2 3 has a wonderful community, but there is a lot of whining, and it may, like any community, deteriorate into outright hatred at destiny 2 community times, but I’ve never seen members of the community team resort to improper retaliation, which, believe me, is a crucial and difficult talent to Destiny 2 ban message perfect.

4. They Are Forceful When They Need to Be

When the Destiny community was shaken by reports of developers acting improperly with women, the community team was aggressive in making it plain that these people destiny 2 3 had no place in the Destiny community, a public show of force on the subject when many games would have remained mute. They are destiny 2 community also extensively involved in social activity, and they do not “sanitise” their ideas for the benefit of the brand when it comes to standing up to bigotry or Bungie forms prejudice.

5. Behind the Scenes

I’d want to offer a particular shoutout to Vanessa, the community team member with whom I communicate on a weekly basis and who has been by far the most attentive and helpful liaison in destiny 2 3 any game I’ve played. While I won’t name names, I’m pretty sure I’ve been blacklisted by some other games and destiny 2 community companies for writing critical articles about them, whereas Destiny, for which I’ve written hundreds of critical articles over the years, has always absorbed what I’ve said and never punished me for it, and we still have a strong relationship to this Bungie support day.

Bungie is in the hazardous position of trying to straddle an industry line, which makes its fanbase particularly sensitive to these fervors. Monthly membership payments in other popular service-style games, such as World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy XIV, support the existence of a microtransaction destiny 2 community system. The idea is that you’re paying for an ever-increasing quantity of material over time, with everything else being just aesthetic and useless. Overwatch by Blizzard costs $40 to $60 altogether, but it also comes with free updates and the ability to spend money to acquire cosmetic items faster than non-paying gamers.

Destiny 2 Solar Abilities

The Solar subclass has been completely revamped in Season of the Haunted, however not every aspect of the Guardian skill tree has been unlocked. This is by purpose, as Bungie said that by completing a number of Nightmare Containments, this season’s new public event, players would be able to earn more Fragments for Solar 3.0.

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Bungie said that entire fireteams will receive twice the advancement points for the community objective, so collaboration will be vital to accomplishing this activity. A lone Guardian completing a Nightmare Containment run, for example, is worth one completion point, whereas a three-person destiny 2 community fireteam is worth six. The following Fragments will be unlocked if the Destiny 2 community reaches 20 million Nightmare Containment completions, according to Bungie’s weekly blog post:

Solar Subclass Is Getting A Substantial

The Solar subclass was reworked significantly in Destiny 2’s Season of the Haunted, but developer Bungie says the fiery makeover of those Guardian skills still needs some destiny 2 3 refining. Bungie said in the most recent This Week at Bungie blog post that multiple difficulties were preventing players from becoming fire gods on the battlefield, and that several changes were on the way. Warlocks, for example, who desire to concentrate in healing lack the necessary versatility because two Destiny Terms of service of their three Aspects focus on airborne mobility or Scorching.

Destiny 2’s Iron Banner

The Season of the Haunted introduces new features to Destiny 2’s Iron Banner, as well as a new seasonal mission to help you learn how to use them. Iron Banner bounties are no longer available, and the vendor now has a new reputation system similar to those of other activity merchants such as the Crucible, Gambit, Vanguard, and Gunsmith. Once you’ve completed the quest, you’ll be able to focus the event’s new Iron Engrams into certain weapons and armour.

Lord Saladin will provide you with everything you need to begin unlocking new Iron Banner weaponry, including The Wizened Rebuke fusion rifle and The destiny 2 community Hero’s Burden submachine gun. Here’s how to finish the Forging Iron quest fast, as well as what new aspects of the reputation system you should be Destiny 2 restricted from matchmaking aware of you can play online casino.

DeeJ’s departure from destiny 2 community Bungie is a significant loss, but it isn’t the end for the team; those who stay will continue to shape the community, and those who remain have, from what I’ve seen, mimicked his greatest traits for years. When it comes to live service games, it’s all about the content and prizes. However, the focus should equally be on the community. And I doubt Destiny would have survived this long if it didn’t have the one it does. And DeeJ had a key role in making it happen.

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