Soyboy: What’s the meaning of it? Usage and Origin Full Guide

Soyboy: What's the meaning of it? Usage and Origin Full Guide

The word “Soyboy” has become quite popular on social media, with many people using it to refer to people who are frequently more complex than what their obvious connotation would imply. This article explores the origins of the phrase, its meanings, and how it has been incorporated into modern online slang. While seemingly basic, the word bears a deeper meaning, expressing social ideas of masculinity and the influence of internet language on individuals.

What’s the meaning of a Soyboy?

The derogatory term “soyboy” is frequently applied to men who are perceived as lacking in male characteristics. This claim that men should act and behave in ways typical of their gender might be interpreted as a sort of toxic masculinity. Certain psychologists believe that remarks such as “soyboy” might serve as a means for individuals to demonstrate their dominance and strength over others. By disparaging and criticizing others, people might feel more in control of their lives and better about themselves.

Furthermore, labeling someone as offensive as “soyboy” might help them feel more like members of a certain group and boost their sense of self. When someone doesn’t adhere to the norms and beliefs of their group, calling them derogatory names might help them feel more like they belong and have an improved sense of identity. Those who use insults such as “soyboy” should be mindful that the targets of these comments may suffer. It can lead to feelings of guilt, inadequacy, and poor self-worth. It is critical to foster an environment of tolerance and acceptance where individuals are not assessed according to their gender or perceived level of masculinity.

How to Apply Soyboy in Different Circumstances

Soyboy in Entertainment and Media

  • On social media and in online communities, this term is often used. It is also utilized in entertainment and the media. This term has appeared in several songs, TV series, and motion pictures.
  • The term “soyboy” was used to characterize a bunch of males who had grown too sensitive and politically correct in the “South Park” episode “Sons and Witches.” On the broadcast, they were demonstrated to be helpless and unable to take criticism. This term was also used to describe a weak and girly character on the television program “The Good Fight.”
  • The term “soyboy” is used in a lot of music industry songs and albums. Rapper Joyner Lucas popularized the term in his song “I’m Not Racist” to discuss those who are easily agitated and unable to take criticism. This term may also be found in the lyrics to songs by Machine Gun Kelly and Lil Pump.
  • The term “soyboy” has been used in several films and TV shows. As used in the documentary “The Red Pill,” the phrase refers to guys who have grown too feminine and can’t stand up for themselves. The phrase is also used in the movie “The Joker” to characterize Arthur Fleck, who is depicted as helpless and unable to handle life’s hardships.
  • Gavin is a character in the video game “Red Dead Redemption 2” who is constantly searching for his companion of the same name. Other gamers have made memes and jokes about Gavin being a soyboy since he appears effeminate and weak.

How to Apply Soyboy in Different Circumstances

In Online Jokes, Soyboy

  • It is derogatory to call men who are perceived as lacking in male qualities “soyboys.” The expression has gained popularity online and is frequently used in jokes. In this section, we’ll examine a few of the most well-known soyboy jokes.
  • One of the most popular Soyboy memes is the Soy Boy Face. This meme refers to a particular facial expression that “nu-males” or “soy boys” make when their mouths are open in surprise or excitement. It’s also known as the Cuckface, the Soyboy Face, the Nu-Male Smile, and the Nu-Male Face.
  • The “Soyboy Starter Pack” is another well-known soyboy meme. This meme has items that are typically associated with soyboy, such as a vegan diet, skinny jeans, a man bun, and a New York Times membership. Using the Soyboy Starter Pack meme, people frequently make fun of males who are perceived as being too sensitive or politically correct.
  • Another meme that has grown in popularity over time is “Soyboy Tears.” Typically, this meme’s caption includes an image of a man sobbing with the words “Soy boy tears.” Using this meme, people frequently make fun of guys who are perceived as being too sentimental or politically correct.
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Soyboys and Masculine Attitudes

  • “Soy boys” are men who are perceived as lacking in masculinity. In online forums, members of the alt-right frequently utilize this expression. It stems from the theory that men who consume soy products become less masculine due to a decrease in testosterone. However, there isn’t much evidence to back up this claim.
  • Even though consuming soy products isn’t intrinsically harmful, the term “soyboy” is frequently used to mock males who don’t conform to traditional masculine stereotypes. This can perpetuate harmful gender norms, which are negative. What it means to be a man should be defined by more than simply a few characteristics and behaviors.
  • It’s critical to understand that being a man may take numerous forms and that these forms might vary depending on the individual and the nation. Accepting diversity and being open to everyone is what it means to be a man.
  • Although this is the case, it’s also critical to understand that toxic masculinity may lead to aggressiveness, violence, and other negative traits. In addition to advocating aggression and control, toxic masculinity frequently entails suppressing emotions and being vulnerable to injury.

Soyboy and Vegetarianism

  • If you are familiar with the term “soyboy,” it may conjure images of vegetarians. This is because soy is included in many vegetarian meals, such as soy milk and tofu. But remember that not all soyboys are vegetarians, and not all vegans are soyboys.
  • Having said that, males who follow a vegan diet are referred to as “soyboys” since some people believe that veganism is a “feminine” lifestyle. In addition to being inaccurate, this picture is harmful. There is no one right way to be a man or a woman, and a person’s gender identity is unaffected by what they eat.
  • It’s also critical to keep in mind that soy isn’t always harmful to men. Phytoestrogens, or plant-based compounds that can function in the body similarly to estrogen, are present in soy. Still, there isn’t enough phytoestrogen in soy to make a discernible difference in testosterone levels.
  • In actuality, soy has significant health benefits. It has a lot of fiber, protein, and vital vitamins and minerals. You also reduce your risk of heart disease and some forms of cancer by doing it.

A Few Grievances Regarding This Slang!

  • Some claim that calling guys who don’t match typical masculine norms “soyboys” is derogatory and shouldn’t be done. The phrase, according to others, is a kind of toxic manhood that perpetuates false beliefs about men and women.
  • Some claim that the term “soy boy” is frequently applied in a sexist or homophobic manner. This term is frequently used to denigrate males who are perceived as feminine or weak, as well as to humiliate men who don’t conform to gender norms.
  • Some have questioned the term’s scientific foundation, pointing out that there isn’t much evidence indicating men who consume soy products have reduced testosterone levels. Consuming soy may even be beneficial to your health since some studies have suggested that it may reduce your risk of heart disease.
  • Despite criticism, the phrase “soyboy” is still used to denigrate males in certain online communities who are perceived as weak or effeminate. According to others, the word is a kind of bullying that can seriously harm men who are struggling with their masculinity.

A Few Grievances Regarding This Slang!

What is the origin of the name Soyboy?

The alt-right organizations use a variety of online monikers, such as Snowflake and Cuck, to denigrate men who support the left in politics as being overly sensitive and weak. Boy has been used disparagingly to refer to males for a long time, but why soy? The term stems from the notion that a guy becomes less macho because of the phytoestrogen in soy, which reduces testosterone levels. One distinction between phytoestrogen and estrogen, a hormone found in women, is that the former is a hormone. Moreover, the assertion is untrue. Do proponents of soy also believe that they consume a lot of soy? They consume soy products like tofu and drink soy milk because they respect animal rights and the environment. The same males who, according to online alt-right organizations or the so-called manosphere, support feminism, multiculturalism, political correctness, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders. These are the “unmanly” men whom white nationalists began criticizing on websites like 4chan and Reddit in 2017.

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Soyboy was initially used on 4chan in early 2017, along with Cuckold, which is another term that the alt-right enjoys. Someone added the slur to the Urban Dictionary in the middle of the year. James Allsup, a far-right critic, posted a video on YouTube around the same time, claiming that politically correct individuals prefer to drink soy milk over genuine milk. Additional far-right organizations sent anti-soy films and images of males donning “pussyhats” to the 2017 Women’s March, along with definitions of the term “soyboy.” By the end of 2017, they and similar individuals had become regular users of the Twitter hashtag “#soyboy.” This is not the same as past, innocent, and unconnected usage of soy, such as an image of a young child consuming tofu.

In summary:

Finally, “Soyboy” demonstrates how lingo used on social media can have unintended connotations. Apart from its apparent deficiency in conventional masculinity, the term also embodies societal norms and assumptions. It demonstrates how people use derogatory language to assert their identity, show off their authority, and set expectations, which is an example of toxic masculinity. “Soyboy” has an impact on people’s real lives even if it seems innocent online. It is important to create an accepting and courteous online atmosphere since it might lead to humiliation and low self-esteem. Toxic male standards must be addressed to foster empathy and compassion, as such language has the potential to inflict harm.

In the dynamic realm of online communication, we need to encourage diversity and reject stereotypes based on traits and gender. The term “Soyboy” alludes to broader conversations around language, identity, and our responsibility to foster a good online community. It is not only a language choice but a social need to foster an understanding and polite online society.


What does a soy jack mean?

A guy who is perceived as weak, effeminate, and devoid of virility is called a “Soy Jack” in colloquial language. People who uphold traditional gender norms and believe that men who don’t conform to them are less significant frequently use this expression.

What is a man’s job?

The term “normale” is used to characterize men who are perceived as feminine, weak, and unmanly. People who uphold traditional gender norms and believe that men who don’t conform to them are less significant frequently use this expression. It has a similar sound to “Soy Jack.”

What does “Soyboy wojak” actually mean?

The “Soyboy Wojak” meme originated on 4chan and is frequently used to ridicule males who are perceived as being sissy or weak. Some memes incorporate the term “soy boy” and usually depict a cartoon figure with a round, soft face and a dejected look.

What traits do soy boys have with one another?

These are often associated with traits such as political correctness, vegetarianism, veganism, and environmental consciousness. Additionally, some people could believe that they lack strength, aggression, or other characteristics associated with men.

What significance does the soyboy face have?

The round, soft characteristics of men’s faces that are frequently associated with weak or effeminate males are referred to as “soyboy faces.” This term is frequently used derogatorily to imply that the target lacks sufficient testosterone and is hence less macho.

Which well-known Soyboy names are there?

Soy boys don’t have any unique names associated with them. The term is intended to characterize a personality or style of conduct rather than a collection of people.

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