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Top 23 PC Part Picker Alternatives to Find Best PC Parts Online

Top 23 PC Part Picker Alternatives to Find Best PC Parts Online

Are you interested in building your computer but unsure of where to begin? Or are you more concerned with choosing the appropriate components to make a balanced and useful build? Then, you might find it helpful to utilize the website PC Part Picker. You can choose wisely what to build when you first start thanks to the website’s abundance of information on PC parts.

Have you decided to construct your computer? Perhaps you’ve had enough of the bloatware that computers come with pre-installed. Maybe one of your friends is bragging about their physique. For whatever reason, it could be difficult for you to know where to begin. It is advantageous to have a tool like PCPartPicker because of this. Here’s how to do an online search for the components you need to assemble the PC of your dreams. You could get assistance from a PC Part Picker when assembling a PC. It can assist you in selecting the appropriate part and assembling a PC without any issues. We’ll learn how to assemble your computer using a PC Part Picker.

Describe PC Part Picker

PCPartPicker, a comparison shopping website that Phillip Carmichael founded in 2011 and updated in 2015, is comparable to Pangoly and Logical Increments. However, because it is not a direct supplier, it is less constrained than something like Newegg’s PC Builder tool.

To make sure you’re receiving the best deal, you may search for a certain part, compare costs from a few various stores (such as Amazon, Greatest Buy, and Newegg), and monitor those prices over time. Also, the website can monitor compatibility with various parts, which saves you hassles with returns and reimbursements.

How to Begin

There are two places you might start if you’re unsure about what to include in your construction. From the entry-level Home/Office Build (about $500) to the high-end Intel Gaming/Streaming Build (roughly $3,000.), the PC Part Picker team produces build guides that cover a wide range of PC build tiers. By opening a build guide, you can read a summary of each build component’s description and the reasoning behind its selection for that particular machine.

You may see builds created by other users on PC Part Picker by choosing Completed Builds. This section contains a detailed description of the cost, together with information on all included parts and any further remarks. Additionally, several filtering options are available to assist you in focusing your search on a certain build.

Why It Matters and How to Verify PC Component Compatibility

Compatibility is a crucial consideration if this is your first time assembling a PC. Not all motherboards and coolers are compatible with all processors or cases. You have to make sure the products you purchase are compatible. Finding suitable components requires a great deal of investigation. Even yet, there are situations in which you may purchase a large number of parts just to discover afterward that they weren’t appropriate for the instance you had selected.

To find the appropriate components for your computer, use PC Part Picker

One of the most well-known websites for selecting the right parts for your system is PC Part Picker. To put together your computer, they can evaluate hardware and write software. The website’s database includes details on a variety of hardware components, including CPUs, graphics cards, RAM, and motherboards. Before making a purchase, you may examine, compare prices, and check the specifications of a certain component.

How to Determine the Price of the Chosen Components

Anyone who has constructed a computer knows how fast the cost of all the various components can mount up. There are other expenses to take into account in addition to the standard parts like the CPU, motherboard, RAM, power supply, graphics card, and storage. Maybe you want a high-end enclosure to showcase your construction, or maybe you want an aftermarket cooler. Setting aside money for accessories like a sound card, fans, or case illumination is also a smart option. Not to mention the price of delivery if you purchase your parts online. These small expenses might mount up.

This is why it’s a good idea to monitor the budget for your construction. Less than $1,000 in expenses is frequently seen as a budget construct. One might consider a sum of $1,000 to $2,000 to be appropriate. Moreover, the cost of an upscale structure would be about $2,000. Go to the bottom of the PC Part Picker System Builder page to view your budget. You may see the overall cost there, which includes shipping fees and rebate reductions, as well as a base total that only displays the price of the components you have already chosen.

The Top 23 Websites That Replace PC Part Picker

Based on their similarity to PC Part Picker in terms of keyword traffic, audience targeting, and market overlap, the Top 23 Sites Similar to PC Part Picker in October 2023 are highlighted.



Provide a user-friendly interface that leads clients through the PC-building process step-by-step. Provide a thorough catalog of CPUs, GPUs, and other devices that includes user reviews and technical specs. Provide a budget management tool that gets real-time pricing updates and part recommendations from a website similar to PC Part Picker. Turn on the virtual build simulation so users may see and adjust their computer configurations. Compatibility testing is the most effective way to alert users to possible problems and bottlenecks. Show performance metrics, such as the benchmark score for the game and the expected frame rate per second.

Create user accounts in order to facilitate the sharing, storing, and retrieval of build histories. In order to give users a smooth and knowledgeable experience, offer a community forum and customer support.



The intuitive UI of Nvidia’s PC builder simplifies and eases the complex process of assembling custom computers. The platform offers a wide range of high-quality Nvidia components, including motherboards, RAM, storage, and modern GPUs. Users may establish financial limits, get real-time cost updates, and obtain recommendations for certain components—all with an emphasis on budget control. Enthusiasts may easily inspect and alter their settings by using websites such as PC Part Picker and the virtual build simulation function. To guarantee compatibility, the builder notifies users of any problems or bottlenecks, and performance indicators inform users of the capabilities of their system.

Apart from creating the GPU, Nvidia is the company driving advancements in artificial intelligence, robotics, autonomous vehicles, AI, and gaming gear.


nvidiaAnyone can create a construct that meets their goals and budget while minimizing workload with the CGDirector PC Builder. Although it has taken a while, we are grateful for the kind comments from our readers, which made it possible. We’ve been working hard to enhance the PC Builder with a website like PC Part Picker, adding support for new hardware types, evaluating compatibility concerns, taking into account case and RAM clearances, and much more. It’s still a work in progress, though, so any suggestions to improve it would be very appreciated!



This page was made to assist novices in selecting the components they’ll need to assemble their gaming PC. Parts and prices are frequently adjusted based on the circumstances. ChooseMyPC makes things easier by offering a list of components that you may modify to suit your needs using a website such as PC Part Picker.

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Greetings from the Custom PC Builder at Micro Center. Despite the advancements in current personal computers, there is still no one-size-fits-all device that suits all user types, according to websites such as PC Part Picker. Bespoke configurations are a fantastic choice for many users, especially when it comes to high-performance computing, gaming, design, and other areas, even if many pre-built PCs can accommodate a broad range of client types. If you enjoy playing around with electronics, you may also have a lot of fun creating your own PC!

Micro Center is the place to go if you want to build a PC from the ground up or utilize a pre-built base system with components that can be changed. If customizing your setup is important to you, we can assist you in selecting any component of your system, including your hard drive, power supply, and tower. We can assist you whether you wish to update to high-tech peripherals or completely rebuild your own PC.



Utilize it to create the extraordinary. For the do-it-yourself and PC gaming community, we provide top-tier gaming PCs, customized gaming PCs, software, and other computer-related products. US-based technology business that operated between 1985 and 1997. NeXT, Inc. was an American technology company that specialized in computer workstations meant for use in higher education and business. It had a website that resembled PC Part Picker. The company eventually changed its name to NeXT Software, Inc. and NeXT Computer, Inc.

Steve Jobs, the CEO and co-founder of Apple Computer, started the business, which is based in Redwood City, California. In 1988, after being fired from Apple, Jobs unveiled the NeXT Computer, the company’s first product. In 1990, the Next Cube and Next Station were introduced. There were just 50,000 of these computers sent, which is a sign of incredibly low sales.



Go elsewhere immediately if you’re looking for the cheapest gaming PC built with subpar components and dubious quality. Only the best-performing parts are used in Origin PC’s gaming computers. Highly qualified and very talented technicians and assembly engineers manufacture all customized gaming laptops and PCs in the United States.

Yes, we can produce our well-known gaming PCs at a lower cost in another country. Most of our rivals operate in this manner. That being said, as we have the most control over overall quality, functionality, and manufacturing, we would want to construct every gaming PC in the US. Additionally, we’re glad to only work with the top PC builders in the nation thanks to websites like PC Part Picker.



Located in Milpitas, California, Corsair Gaming, Inc. is an American manufacturer of computer hardware and accessories. Its former name was Corsair Memory and Corsair Components. Corsair Microsystems was founded in California in January 1994. It was incorporated once more in 2007, this time in Delaware.

Solid-state drives (SSDs), computer cases, gaming accessories (keyboards and mice), USB flash drives (UFDs), ATX power supplies (PSUs), speakers, cases, and CPU cooling are a few of the goods the company designs and distributes. It has a website that looks a lot like PC Part Picker, sales and marketing offices in major countries throughout the globe, and distribution locations in North America, Europe, and Asia. It leases a production plant in Taoyuan City, Taiwan, where a certain quantity of products are put together, examined, and wrapped.



The best deals on gaming laptops and PC components, plus plenty more! | sells gaming laptops and PCs, computer parts, computer assembly, and other products. With our quick dispatch and excellent customer support, let your tech imagination run wild! American-based online retailer of gadgets. An American company called Newegg Commerce, Inc. sells consumer goods and computer hardware online via a website resembling PC Part Picker. California’s City of Industry is home to the company’s main office. Liaison Interactive, a global technology business, owns the majority of it.



Building stronger foundations and scaling new heights in relationships with individuals, couples, and families is the goal of Towers Counseling Services. Married and family therapist Lori Torres, left, works for Future plc, the firm that manages the computer hardware magazine online, in Charlotte, North Carolina. She provides solo, couple, and family therapy. Future plc is the owner of the online computer hardware magazine AnandTech. Anand Lal Shimpi, who was 14 years old at the time, founded it in 1997. He held the positions of CEO and chief editor of the organization until August 30, 2014, when Ryan Smith assumed leadership.

The website, which was initially designed with computer assembly hobbyists in mind, provides in-depth hardware reviews as well as benchmarks for easily sourced parts. Later on, it also covered handheld devices like smartphones and tablets. This site has similarities to PC Part Picker.



For all the most recent details, evaluations, walkthroughs, and insider news about your beloved PC game series, visit PC Gamer. PC Gamer is a UK-based magazine and website devoted to PC gaming that is published monthly by Future plc, an American video game magazine with offices in Britain. The magazine is offered in various languages; the US and UK versions are the top-selling PC gaming periodicals in their respective nations. The magazine, which has a website akin to PC Part Picker, offers articles about hardware, mods, and “classic” games in addition to reviews of the newest and best-selling PC games and glimpses into upcoming titles.



Business leaders and PC users should choose Gigabyte since it offers a wide range of products, from commercial server solutions to personal computer hardware. It is praised for being exceptional and unique. electronics manufacturer with headquarters in Taiwan. Gigabyte Technology, formerly known as GIGA-BYTE Technology Co., Ltd., is a Taiwanese manufacturer and distributor of computer hardware that goes by the moniker GIGABYTE and occasionally GIGA-BYTE. Gigabyte is a motherboard specialist and operates a website like PC Part Picker.

It was the top motherboard supplier in the first quarter of 2015, having shipped 4.8 million motherboards. Gigabyte also makes specialized graphics cards and computers, including slim cards sold under the Aero sub-brand. Taiwan External Trade Development Council’s 2010 list of “Taiwan’s Top 20 Global Brands” rated Gigabyte eighteenth. Under the stock ID TWSE: 2376, the firm is listed and traded openly on the Taiwan Stock Exchange.



You’ve arrived at the ideal location! You may use our AMD Custom PC Builder to browse through and select PC components from our hundreds of available parts with a website like PC Part Picker. This may be used to build a custom workstation for your business or a PC for streaming games. Once your PC is configured, you can check out a store map or print your parts list to visit one of our locations; share your parts list on Reddit, our community forum, or other forums to receive comments; save your parts list in the Build Dashboard for later use; and add items to your cart to hold them for in-store pickup.

Dedicated Manufacturers of Computers

  • Your Build Dashboard lets you create and keep several component lists if you’re an amateur PC builder. When you’re finished, don’t forget to post your PC to the Build Showcase so other people may see it and get motivated by your creativity and judgment.
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The construction tool from User Benchmark allows you to quickly choose a setup of well-liked and powerful PC parts. Simply build a virtual computer and assess its performance by comparing it to millions of real-world benchmarks. To compare the two virtual PCs side by side, build one for the baseline and one for the alternative using a website such as PC Part Picker.



Based on your needs and the amount of money you have available, Pangoly recommends what peripherals and hardware to include in the custom PC you are designing through a website like PC Part Picker. Discover a variety of laptops made to satisfy your needs and workload, whether you’re using them for content creation, gaming, or productivity. Elevate the performance of your mobile device or take advantage of extended battery life with elegant designs for maximum portability.


With PC Builder, creating PC compatibility has never been easier. All you have to do is select the parts you want from the most recent list, and you can begin realizing your dreams with a website like PC Part Picker.


linustechtipsA passionate team of PC specialists is working very hard to provide a special and entertaining service that lets everyone choose their own personalized PC, no matter how computer-literate they are.

We have created a website especially to satisfy all of your needs about bespoke PCs. You may select from a large selection of computer components using a website such as PC Part Picker based on your preferences and the compatibility of your current system. Additionally, you may select from a large selection of products on our website while keeping an eye on your budget. Everything you require to assemble a personalized PC is available from us.



It’s the place to go for IT lovers of all stripes, Tom’s Hardware. We provide a thriving professional community and an abundance of editorial resources to assist you on your journey, be it building a PC, purchasing a laptop, or instructing your children on how to construct robots utilizing a website such as PC Part Picker.



When selecting parts for your PC, logical increments are helpful. Select a build to get additional details. Purchasing computer parts from Logical Increments through affiliate links helps us out financially without raising your costs. Your purchases provide free website access for everyone! use a website like PC Part Picker.



Gaming laptops and PCs, computer components, computer assembly, and other products are sold by With our quick dispatch and excellent customer support, let your tech imagination run wild! American-based online retailer of gadgets. An American company called Newegg Commerce, Inc. sells consumer goods and computer hardware online via a website resembling PC Part Picker. California’s City of Industry is home to the company’s main office. Liaison Interactive, a global technology business, owns the majority of it.



A privately held entertainment company in Canada called Linus Media Group Inc. (LMG) was established in 2012 by Yvonne Ho and Linus Sebastian. The business creates and publishes several tech-related YouTube channels and podcasts, the most well-known of which is Linus Tech Tips (LTT). LMG’s other channels—Tech Quickie, Tech Linked, Short-circuit, and Game Linked—have amassed 26.39 million members and 9.16 billion total video views with a website akin to PC Part Picker.



By offering a large selection of computer cases and components online, PC Case Gear has developed into one of Australia’s most respected and well-known computer retailers with the aid of websites like PC Part Picker.



The leading manufacturer of motherboards, graphics cards, displays, networking devices, smartphones, laptops, netbooks, desktop PCs, servers, and wireless solutions is Asus. For a record twelve years running, the British internet retailer Asus has been listed in BusinessWeek’s Infotech 100. Online retailer of apparel and cosmetics, ASOS plc (AY-Soss) is located in the United Kingdom.

The company was established in 2000 with a focus on young adults in London. All 196 countries are served by fulfillment facilities located in the United States, Europe, and the United Kingdom. On websites like PC Part Picker, it offers over 850 brands in addition to its assortment of apparel and accessories. The slogan of ASOS, which was once known as OsteoScreen, read “Buy what you see on film and TV” since the firm only offered apparel that was an exact duplicate of well-known pieces, like Brad Pitt’s red leather jacket from the 1999 movie Fight Club.

In conclusion

To sum up, a plethora of websites similar to PC Part Picker expand on the wide field of PC building, each meeting the specific needs and preferences of both beginners and experts. Offering features like compatibility checks, community forums, and virtual build simulations, these top 25 choices have proven to be quite helpful.

These platforms adjust to the ever-changing demands of customers and the arrival of new technologies with the help of websites like PC Part Picker. These websites provide users with a rich environment to explore, learn from, and create in, regardless of whether they are looking for low-cost solutions, a particular brand, or high degrees of customization.

By exploring this virtual world, users may design personalized systems, engage with a vibrant community of like-minded PC enthusiasts, and make educated decisions. These websites are still essential allies in the thrilling quest to build the ideal PC, despite the computer industry’s fast advancements.


1. In what ways might PC Part Picker help me with my computer-building project?

PC Part Picker is a website that provides a platform for selecting and assembling PC parts. It helps consumers—especially beginners—make educated decisions about the parts required to put together a reliable and functional PC.

2. I’ve never constructed a computer before. Could PC Part Picker assist me in determining where to start?

Naturally, of course! PC Part Picker is an excellent place to start. It gives novices a place to start when building PCs and offers knowledge on PC parts to help you make decisions about your build.

3. Why would I want to construct my computer?

By creating your PC, you may customize it to your own needs and preferences. It also lets you avoid pre-installed bloatware and offers you total control over the parts you choose for your build.

4. In what ways might PC Part Picker assist me in selecting the right parts for my building project?

PC Part Picker provides compatibility checks and a vast collection of PC parts. Giving you the facts and ensuring that the pieces you pick work together for a seamless build can assist you in selecting the right components.

5. Although I’ve heard of PCPartPicker, the sheer amount of information is daunting. How do I start?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, start by figuring out your spending limit and specific needs. By allowing you to filter and search for components depending on your criteria, PC Part Picker makes it easier to narrow down your options.

6. I’m building a PC; will PC Part Picker help me avoid incompatibilities?

Yes, one of PC Part Picker’s main features is the compatibility check. It ensures that the components you select fit together perfectly, saving you hassle while putting the pieces together.

7. Is PC Part Picker suitable for both beginners and specialists in PC construction?

PC Part Picker indeed caters to users of all expertise levels. Both inexperienced and expert computer builders may benefit from this program’s user-friendly interface, extensive part information, and compatibility testing.

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