The Best Term Life Insurance Companies of 2021

best life insurance companies

Term life insurance is a deal between a policyholder and an insurance company that guarantees a certain amount of money (death benefit) if the insured person dies within a specified time frame (the Term). Best life insurance companies is commonly used to give money to families or dependents so that they do not face financial hardship due to a temporary loss of income.

Best Life Insurance Companies

Term life insurance is also essential for those who are not the main breadwinner but still support their family as stay-at-home parents or caregivers for children or elderly parents. In these cases, term life insurance ensures that if a crisis strikes, funds will be available to employ help so that family members will maintain their quality of living as much as possible. Many top life insurance companies need you to take a medical exam, and the rate you pay is determined by the risk your health poses.

Best life insurance companies have a streamlined application form that simply requires you to fill out a medical questionnaire, but coverage is typically limited to $50,000 or less. People often learn of term life insurance as a secure choice, whether they have a tight budget, have short-term debt, or living costs that will disappear with time.

If you just have a modest amount of life insurance from your company, Term is a good way to supplement your coverage. Young families depend on term life insurance as a low-cost solution to having a death payout such that the family does not suffer undue financial hardship due to the loss of one or both parents.

Below are few explanations of how term life insurance should be used:

  1. Having a mortgage paid off
  2. Replace all profits that have been missed.
  3. Invest in your children’s education or college.
  4. Pay off your other debts (credit cards, loans)

The 7 Best Term Life Insurance Companies of 2020

Northwestern Mutual

Northwestern is a joint insurer, which ensures it pays dividends on some policies, including term life products.
This is unusual for mutual insurance since dividends are usually only paid on whole life plans. These dividends, together with Northwestern Mutual’s excellent reputation, financial stability, and broad range of term life goods, are why we chose it as the best overall choice.

Northwestern Mutual’s term top life insurance companies include level premium, increasing premium, annual renewable premium, flexible policies, and an exclusive whole life and term blended package that allows you to combine permanent and whole life coverage in one scheme. The annual solar package is renewable when you reach advanced age, and payments are dependent on your age.

The below are the key points from the concept of policies for life:

  1. Northwestern Mutual is the only organization we’ve noticed that helps you to earn dividends on qualifying term policies.
  2. Premiums may be set at a fixed amount or may increase annually.
  3. Options for a covert term entire life plan with guaranteed approval are valid.
  4. A term and entire life plan that offers permanent coverage at term life prices.
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John Hancock

John Hancock offers a wide range of life insurance solutions, from straightforward issues (requiring only a medical questionnaire) and fully subscribed term policies (which involve a medical exam). There are policies valid for 10, 15, or 20 years, and all of them can be converted to permanent policies. If you choose to convert your schedule, John Hancock has a huge selection of whole or universal life plans to choose from.

John Hancock also offers diabetic health insurance as well as a Quit Smoking Incentive (QSI) program, which costs a non-rate smoker for the first three years and will result in significant premium discounts as well as other benefits to quit smoking.

Best Level Term: AIG

AIG proposes several separate period life plans beginning at a 10-year limit, then a 15-year increase in five-year increments up to a 30-year term. AIG also offers contract life insurance with a 35-year term, which is one of the longest available for insurers. When opposed to other companies, this position helps you to completely configure how long the coverage is needed, which will save you money.

Furthermore, premiums for AIG remain constant during the term and are extended regularly until the age of 95.
While AIG term life policies offer conversion options, the amount of time you will convert depends on the term length you chose.

The Quality of Life (QOL) Flex Term Policy from AIG is a living insurance type term policy that provides a death benefit that also helps you to claim the death benefit early if you are diagnosed with a chronic, debilitating, or terminal illness.


Transamerica sells two distinct term life insurance policy with coverage rates ranging from $25,000 to $10 million. The insurance offers level premiums from a 10-year to a 30-year period, depending on the path you choose. A term contract may be purchased at any age between 18 and 80, and the rate is fixed for the duration of the policy. Transamerica’s Trendsetter Super Series is a convertible word rule, which means you can translate it into a permanent policy later. Riders may be available to shield your spouse and children while on this kit.

The Trendsetter LB program from Transamerica offers living insurance that enable people with chronic, severe, or terminal diseases to get an accelerated death payment. Most Transamerican programs require a medical exam, although this is largely determined by the applicant’s age and coverage requirements. If you meet the criteria, you could be eligible for benefits without having to undergo a medical examination.


MassMutual offers a direct term service that makes coverage available to those aged 18 to 64. The direct term scheme employs simplified underwriting, allowing you to register online to receive immediate coverage. If a medical test is needed, they will protect you temporarily and give you time to schedule an appointment.

Premium ranges for the Direct Term Program vary from ten to thirty years. MassMutual also offers a guaranteed 10-year term life insurance policy to help teenagers. LifeBridge is the name of the app, which is part of MassMutual’s corporate social responsibility programme. A free term life insurance package with a $50,000 death payout is provided to qualifying parents or guardians of children under the age of 18. If a parent dies, the person who is the beneficiary of a trust receives money.

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State Farm

State Farm sells over 100 different options, including phrase, entire, and universal life insurance policy . Some types of insurance are also covered by the company. This could be a bonus if you cover your home and car with them and want to get a bundled rate on your life insurance policy. State Farms clients can select from a variety of term life plans, including Pick Term, Return of Premium, and Instant Response.

State Farm offers over 100 different options, including term, entire, and universal life insurance policy . Some types of insurance are also covered by the company. This could be a bonus if you cover your home and car with them and want to get a bundled rate on your life insurance policy.

State Farms clients can select from a variety of term life plans, including Pick Term, Return of Premium, and Instant Response. State Farm’s Return of Premium Period package offers level rates for either 20 or 30 years. This scheme is interesting in that it has monetary value and allows you to borrow money from the policy’s value, which is rare for a term life policy.

Unpaid loans, on the other hand, reduce the death advantage until they are charged off.
These plans are available for purchase before the 30-year period is completed and the 20-year term is completed.
If you consume cigarettes, the age of the issue would be five years younger.

Mutual of Omaha

Mutual of Omaha offers a variety of term life insurance policy for people between the ages of 18 and 80. A Term Life Express scheme, a Term Life Answers plan, and a Term Life Full plan with regular medical underwriting are all simpler versions of term life insurance policy (no medical examination). Regulation terms of ten, fifteen, twenty, and thirty years are available.

In addition to the normal riders such as child coverage, accidental death benefit, and injury waiver of premium riders, Mutual of Omaha provides riders to assist you in such life circumstances such as job loss, including a waiver of unemployment rider and a residential injury rider (which waives your premiums for six months if your home sustains damage). We choose the company as the best for young families because of these extra benefits.


When shopping for the right term top life insurance companies, you want to find a broker of strong financial strength and the best policy options for your situation. It’s great to have an easy and straightforward method, but not if it saves you more money than you need or prevents you from including valuable drivers to your policy. From all of the firms we looked at, Northwestern Mutual offers the best balance of affordability, speed of application, and comprehensive coverage options.

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